So I’m in the airport…

Today’s the day! I’m currently sitting in Terminal 1 Heathrow, and I’ve never been through customs so quickly in my life. I arrived at the airport and twenty minutes later I’m through security, I just hope things go this smoothly through Washington! I arrive there at 7.30 US time and have two and a half hours to get my connection… a bit of a gamble so I’ve been told. If all goes to plan I’ll be in Rio at 3.30 UK time while you’re all stuck here in the English summer 😀 I even get the novelty of being met off my flight by someone holding a board with my name on it, beat that.


Next update… from Rio!!

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  1. Wow, well, done, Willow. I hope you have an amazing trip (hard to see how you wouldn’t!). Have a fantastic time; I look forward to the blog! Andrew x

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