First day in Rio

Well I finally got here, after the most prolonged horrible flight. You’re probably not interested in the details, but I’m going to complain about it anyway.

We took off pretty much on time from Heathrow but just as we went to get on the plane we were told that as one of the flight crew was ill we would have to land in Newark, USA to change crew (15 minutes before we were due to arrive anyway) before continuing to Washington and that this would add an extra two hours onto the flight meaning I’d miss my connection. In reality, it only added on an hour so we touched down in Washington with an hour and a half to get through American immigration and baggage reclaim and check into the new flight. America has no transport lounges so everyone has to go through security and then check back in. We then got told that our connecting flight had been delayed by 4 hours due to our flight being late. In way it’s good that we didn’t miss our connection but we could have made it on time anyway if American customs weren’t totally and utterly ridiculous. I got interrogated about what was in my sandwiches… So we got to out flight, boarded it at 7 in the morning British time and then sat in the plane on the runway for another hour doing nothing. We also had a technical stop in Sao Paulo before getting to Rio meaning that the entire journey took about 33 hours!

So now I’ve bored everyone with my flight, a few more interesting things. Saturday night I went to a gig in the park and then out to a pool party till a stupid time in the morning, probably not the best plan when jet lagged with no sleep. Today we’ve been allocated our volunteer work, me and two other girls from Australia are working in a Creche in town with 0-5 year old children, and possibly a bit of work in their community garden. Not sure about any of the other details yet, they’re going to be confirmed later. We start on Tuesday so tomorrow we’re tagging along with a couple of other guys and going to see their project which is building houses. We work Monday – Thursday about 9 – 5 but things seem to be pretty flexible.

And now for some photos…

The view from the volunteer house, the window you can see on the right is my room.
Pretty obvious, here’s our outside kitchen where we can make lunch and supper if we want.
Went to an open air concert in the park on the first evening, the stage moved around the park which was pretty cool.

View of the city

Panoramic view of Rio near our house
Junk robot
The lights change colour!

Currently it’s raining just a small amount…

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