6 o’clock this morning I managed to drag myself out of bed to go the community garden in Salgueiro. The husband and wife who run it; Roberto and Dora work there from 8-12 everyday and we’ve picked Thursdays to go and help them out. They are absolutely lovely people who don’t speak a single word of English, so I was quite surprised that I understood a lot of what they were saying. We started off by doing some weeding and then planted out a load of spring onions and lettuces.

We only did anything useful for a couple of hours and then sat there and tried to talk to Dora and Roberto. They lifted all the carrots and gave us some, as well as some tomatoes and strawberry’s. We’ve also kind of half arranged that they’re going to drive us to the Tijuca Forest in Roberto’s VW Beetle, which is doubly exciting.

Dora, Roberto and Me, pretty good carrots!

After helping at the garden we caught the metro to Ipanema and spent the rest of the day on the beach. Also got to go to my first Yoguberry, which is frozen yoghurt which you can choose topping to go with. Cherries, almonds and white chocolate, definitely a good shout. Nobody uses towels here either, so I’ve bought myself an authentic Rio sarong.

Ipanema Beach
For anyone who says there aren’t palm trees in Rio…


  1. Love your pics and all the news. Hope you are getting to the rain forest this weekend-looking forward to monkey and bird pics. Have fun and take care!

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