First look at the rainforest today, we left a bit late so we didn’t really get there until about 1.30pm. We got the metro to Saens Peña and then got a taxi to the entrance of the national park. The park itself is about 25,000 square miles and a lot of it is tarmacked roads, there are quite a few trails leading off into the rainforest though. We walked up from the bottom of the park, heading towards the peak of the park. I have a whole load of photos which will be really useful for next year, we didn’t see any animals really but I think if we go again and get off the roads it’ll be a lot more likely.  We must have walked about 5 miles to the top of the park but by the time we got there it was shut as the park closes at sunset which is at about 6 o’clock here. Next time we’re going to get a lift to the top of the park and then do the hour hike to the peak which looks like a massive climb. You can see the entire of the city, it looks like it’d be amazing so I hope I get to go up there again. We got some pretty great views on the way up anyway.

Me and Emily

Roads like this go through the majority of the national park, unfortunately we didn’t have a car so we walked all the way! Still pretty cool to walk through the rainforest though.

The only real wildlife I saw, apart from some weird anteatery creature but I don’t have a very good picture of it…

We’re going to go back up there hopefully next week.
Tomorrow I’m planning to go to the hippie fair in Ipanema and then to the 7.5mile beach in Barra. Help the tan along nicely 😀

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