Copacabana, the Hippie Feira and Ipanema

Sunday we went to the world famous beach at Copacabana, which is massive. Very busy as it was the weekend,  but somehow it was less unpleasant than a lot of busy beaches I’ve been on. Perhaps because while there are all the chairs and umbrellas they’re not all stuck in regimented permanent lines, you just hire them out and put them wherever you like if you want them.

We stayed there for a couple of hours and then caught the metro a couple of stops down the coast to go and look at the Ipanema Hippie Feira, it’s a massive market that takes place in the square just outside the metro station. The stalls go all around the edge about 3 rows deep and the middle of the square has lots of artists selling their paintings in between the fountains. There’s a lot of jewellery, bags, clothes and general markety things, not particularly hippy though really. Definitely worth going to though, bought myself a dress for £10 and a couple of presents. One of the problems with being here is that I only have my sim card from home so using my phone is ridiculously expensive. Also a lot of people don’t take their phones out with them as they’re nice phones. This makes things annoying when you get separated from everyone in the same market and can’t find them. Fortunately after about an hour we managed to meet up which was good as we’d planned to go to this free jazz festival on the seafront.

They were a band from New Orleans playing live jazz/soul/reggae at a mini festival.

We stayed their for a while and got a few beers and then went and sat on the rocks off the beach looking back at the city.

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