Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf Mountain)

We’ve been going out a lot recently, on Wednesday we went to the samba club in Copacabana, Thursday we stayed up drinking until about 5 in the morning and then Friday we went out to a house party in Santa Teresa. While we were there we met one of our housemates friends who owns a small rooftop cafe overlooking the city and we went back their for a couple more drinks. We sat on the roof while he played his guitar and watched the sunrise of Rio, which doesn’t happen here until about half past 6 in the morning.

After grabbing some food the next day on Friday we left to go see the sunset on Sugarloaf. We left about 3 and got there at about quarter to 5, with the sun setting at 5.40. The queue was absolutely massive and it took us about an hour to buy a ticket for the first gondola but we eventually got there and managed to see the end of the sunset from the top.

At the bottom of Sugarloaf by the gondola station.

The sun setting at the first gondola station.

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