Santa Teresa

So I went out today and took some picture of the area around where I’m staying as there’s some really cool graffiti and buildings. Glad I went on Thursday as supposed to later, two girls from our house got mugged by guys pulling knives on them this morning. Anyway, here’s what it’s like around here…

This is the view out over the city of from the road we live on, Rua Joaquim Marthino.

Walk down this road a bit further and you get a completely contrasting view of the city.

The distribution of the wealth between people in Rio is mirrored in the city. You can walk down a street with massive modern high rise buildings and then turn the corner and be surrounded by derelict houses with vines growing out of them.

This is the old tram lines that have been closed nearly a year. They were shut after a tram crashed due to them not being renovated as they should of been. The brakes failed on the hill on our road and killed the driver and several people on board. There’s talk of it being re-opened in time for Brazil to host the Olympics.

Graffiti like this is all down any road or surface that can possibly be painted on.

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