Arriving and first day

I’ve decided to keep this blog going as I’m still doing vaguely interesting things! After coming back from Rio, I went to Reading Festival from Thursday to Monday and then on Friday the 31st, left for Chios with my friend.

We flew from to Thessaloniki first and then after a 10 hour stop in the airport we left for Chios on a small local flight at 5.35am. Watching the sunrise in a plane for the second time in the last 10 days. Needless to say we were a tad dazed by the time we actually arrived as we’d not really had any sleep for the last day and I haven’t had many good nights sleep for the last two months! We were supposed to be met by someone at the airport to arranged our car hire, but they didn’t appear to be there… This is Greece after all. We were just on the verge of phoning the owner of the apartments we were staying at when Martin spotted that one of the people who was outside had changed his clipboard over and written ‘Mr Rolf’ on it. Apparently he’d just been told he was supposed to get us. Then we made our way to the office to sign some paperwork and by 7.30 we had our car. A baby Hyundai.

After inevitably getting lost 5 minutes down the road, we managed to find the right road out of the town. It’s certainly weird getting used to a totally different car that also has all the controls in the wrong place. I got us there without doing anything stupid though, so we arrived at around 8.30 at the apartments, got out room and I collapsed for a few hours. All this, and the only thing we’ve paid for is the flights. Car and room keys were handed over without any form of deposit.

Surprisingly, we did a lot on our first day.

The beach about 5 minutes walk from us, there is also a close one which our room looks out over.

We’re staying in Limnos, which is just below Volissos, a much bigger than this. By bigger I mean it has more than about 5 houses. This is the view from the ruined castle overlooking the village.

Our amazing car, without which life here would be totally impossible. So far I’ve seen one bus and one taxi. There is a bus station, but it’s 40km away from our apartment.

We then drove South a bit to the ruined village of Anavotos. Which also has a few occupied house at the side of it, one taverna and one old lady selling jewellery.

On the way back we stopped off in a pretty little village called Avgonima, and after wandering around for a bit found this taverna that looked like it’d be rude to miss.

Now I feel like I’ve truly arrived… Amstel and Dolomades!


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