More monasteries…

This is the Moudon Monastery we stopped to look at on the way to visit the north of the island. The functioning half looks like this…

But it’s mostly ruined and looks more like this… Not very ruined looking actually, but these are probably the only walls that are still complete.

And we continue north….

Clouds hanging over the north end of the island.

First view of the ruined castle with it’s church at Kampia.

Once we drove down the dirt track to get there. It’s hidden right down in between all the surrounding valleys, which seems a bit strange for a castle, but it does have an amazing view down the valley to the sea.

Driving on over the top of the mountains and then down and round the headland to a view of Nagos. It wouldn’t be a nice scenic shot of Greece without phone cables.

We were going to Nagos beach but after driving down a road to it which we couldn’t park on and having to get someone to open their drive so we could turn round, reversing was just not an option, we went here instead. The whole beach to ourselves, although a tad windy.

Future road trips will have to be in one of these, our little Hyundai is taking a bit of a beating…

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