Gria’s Castle, Dotia Tower and some beaches…

We drove up to the north again today to look at another castle, the always seem worth the ridiculously long drive. This one, Gria’s Castle, is just out of the village of Pitios and looks out to sea and the villages on the coastline. This road looks out to the castle on the drive towards it, you can just about make out the remaining turret in top right of the photo.

And once you’re up there…

We then drove home and had to spend the rest of the day on the beach due to the trauma of climbing partway up a mountain…  This is the biggest of our local beaches, about 5 minutes drive.

The next day we went to this Dotia Tower down the south end of the island….

Then drove on to the beach right at the end of the island, Vroulidia. We probably wouldn’t have bothered but when we hired the car, the guy circled a load of places on the map for us to visit and this was one of them. Turned out to be well worth it apart from they have a lot of flies that only appear to bite English tourists.

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