Last Day on Chios

We check out of our apartments at about 12 and then went to the village shop to say goodbye to the guy whose been giving us beer all week. He gets pretty bored in there by himself all day and we stayed for a couple of hours and chatted.

Then we drove over to Chios so that we could look around the area Kambos and grab something to eat before our flight.

We went to a place called Citrus Memories in Kambos which is a museum all about citrus trees surprisingly and what they make with them on the island.

It also features some pretty odd scarecrows…

A map of the area of Kambos

We then drove around the area which is all being rebuilt into some seriously expensive and nice houses…

And then back into Chios to wait for our flight.

So we returned our car and went on to the airport, which I’m putting up a picture of the airport because although it’s a terrible picture it’s worth seeing. What you can see is the entire airport building, the left half is for departures and the right for arrivals. The tower at the back is at the front so it’s pretty much a big shed. With the advantanges that they don’t care about your baggage allowance and you only need an hour to check in!

On to the mainland where we’re staying a hotel for one night before catching a flight to Stansted the following day.

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