Maries ‘Magic’ Forest and Lake

Looking back on this a few days now as I’ve been a bit to busy to do it daily… This was a walk we did from the mountain village of Maries up to a lake and waterfall in the mountains. After driving through the village you get to a sign that actually tells you not to drive up the mountain, normally I’d see this as more of a challenge but we fancied and walk on what turned out to be one of the smoothest dirt tracks I’ve seen this holiday.

Don't Drive!

At the top of the road there appears to be a rather enterprising couple who have sign posted the way, set up a honey stall and a box for donating money to their cats. Understandable as they were unbelievably friendly and cute…

Cats at Maries

Lake and Forest


First starting at the ‘magic forest lake’. Unsurprisingly at this time of year it’s pretty much dried out, but is still surrounded by a fairly enthusiastic forest and ringed by weeping willows which is definitely unusual and I imagine that at the right time, magic wouldn’t be too far off.

Lake at Maries

We then walked down the hill slightly to what would be an impressive waterfall if there had been any water. It has rained a few days ago although and you could see where all the pine needles and debris has recently been swept down the bank and also a rather large lonely fish which you can see at the back of the pool.


At the start I was intrigued by what the ‘Cave of Elf’ was that had been signposted so we went in search. After following a well marked route across what would have been the river bed in the spring, we came through a few trees and found, well basically nothing. I don’t blame them for trying, but I’m not sure even elves would have fitted in the ‘cave’. And no, what you can see in this picture is it, it doesn’t go back further or have any secret entrance, it’s just a small overhang.

Cave of Elf

There was also another waterfall marked, heading upstream through this small gorge. This one was a little more promising, and although small it was tiered forming pretty coloured pools on the way to the top.

Waterfall at Maries


Waterfall at Maries


Waterfall at Maries



I do like a good olive tree, and got a bit artsy on the route back out of the village that passes through a valley containing a large, very old, olive grove.



Interesting, and surprisingly tough spiders (I presume) web. Just made me want to put my finger in it and see what happened…?

Spider's Web

Later that evening, we’d booked an hours horse ride along the beach at Skala Prinou. It’s probably been coming up for two years since I sat on a horse and writing this three days later I still have comprehensively bruised seatbones. Worth it though, to see the sunset over the see on horseback.

Horse Riding at Skala Prinou

Horse Riding at Skala Prinou




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