Sunrise at Giola

Despite ruining ourselves on the mountain the day before (on what we later estimated to be a 15 mile walk), we decided that we still wanted to watch the sunrise one day of the holiday. And having inevitably put if off all week as who gets up at 6 o’clock on holiday? The next morning was the last option…

We managed to find the dirt road down towards Giola, a natural pool situated in a rocky outcrop on the coast near us. We visited earlier in the week but it has become a popular tourist spot and we therefore wanted to come back when it was quiet. Sunrise is probably a good time for that. Having parked, we started walk down towards the sea, going pretty quick as it was already getting light and we didn’t want to miss it.Walk to Giola



Standing on the rocks waiting for sunrise

By Giola



I’d pretty much convinced myself by this point that while we’d get the overall effect, we wouldn’t actually see the sun itself as it’d probably come up behind the mainland.View from Giola

So I was quite excited to realise that we were actually far enough around the coast to see it properly

Sunrise at Giola




Sunrise at Giola

Sunrise at Giola



And for those of you who are wondering what Giola actually is –Giola



It’s a beautiful natural pool formed with the rocks, but completely level with the sea. Deap enough that you can jump from the rocks at the back without breaking stuff too, and in the daylight, filled with glowing emerald green water.Giola


And being an area of natural beauty, the good people of the world have decided that they may as well leave all their rubbish there. After all, bins are so unnecessary when you’ve got half a rock to hide something behind. We’re not just talking a few empty water bottles and fag butts, as much as I object to those too, there’s a a few t-shirts, towels, pairs of shoes and milk cartoons!? At least, although it’s still unnecessary, I can see the logic of fag butts and beer cans, after all it’s a good spot for a relaxing smoke and a pint. But I can honestly say I’ve not gone to any location, walked down the cliff, had a nice swim, sunbathed on the rocks and then gone, “You know what? Why DO I need my shoes??”, you managed to take them down there, take them back!! I’ve tried to take my photos so you can’t see all the crud that everyone has left behind, but this is just one patch of the rock, the majority is like it too. Such a shame, it’s enough to make you want entry barriers that charge you to get in, if it kept the place clean.

Makes me ANGRY!

However, rant aside. It was lovely place and definitely one of the highlights of my holiday. From there we went further down the road to a monastery and a few ruined towers. Being a functioning religious building, you’re not allowed to take photos, although I’d would of loved one of the nun who came out dressed in her habit from which she whipped out an enormously large pair of military style binoculars for boat watching.

And then, the rest of our last proper day on the island, a lazy scorching hot beach day.



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