6th Months Ago…

As the title may suggest, I’ve been meaning to do this for about 6 months! At approximately that time I was sitting on a beach in Greece, really hoping that even with all the useless solicitors involved that I would own a house when I got back to England. Definitely be a plus as having to live in Birmingham anyway, it would be a bonus to do so in house rather than a car, cardboard box…etc…. This just goes to show that no matter what the solicitors say, it is possible to exchange and then complete the next day, so two days before moving back up to Brum, we completed!

Hired a van stuffed full of stuff…Picked up the keys, and then had to follow Lee to my house from the estate agents as I didn’t know where it was. Took me a good 5 minutes to actually walk up the steps and then another 5 minutes to work out how to open the door, and I must admit, it smelled… horrible.


Fake potted plants not doing much for the decor… Or the Jesus related items, and it is true that one of the previous owners still drops round every now and then to give us some more religious propaganda in case we’re ever in danger or running low.


Leaving the men to move furniture, me and mum started The Cleaning. I did refuse to cook anything in the oven for at least a month in case anything ‘fell’ in there…

KitchenOven :(


Also refused to walk around without any shoes on, in case I got permanently got stuck to the carpet, (note grey sticky area).


Moving upstairs for the guided tour…

Bathroom Bathroom

Our bedroom

Front Bedroom

Back bedroom

Back Bedroom

Third bedroom…


Apparently I don’t have a picture of the front room downstairs, which is a shame as it’s got some lovely fake plastic grey bricks and wood effect feature wall paper.

The garden has as many steps at the back as the front, unfortunate for moving in a washing machine, and it’s also upset several contractors since then.

Washing machine installation

And that was the first day of being a homeowner. It started dawning on me that there’s a lot to do here!

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