Bert and Ernie


Newly arrived, still with their stripy baby feathers.

Bert & Ernie

Trying to persuade them that food is good and we’re not evil. Although this picture is not entirely convincing there.

Bert & Ernie

Getting tamer, and a bit less scruffy. His party trick is coating everything in feathers as soon as I’ve hoovered, and pooing on my recipe books.


Bert on the other hand, has a weird obsession with small manky bits of string.

Bert & Ernie

Despite having a reputation for being a bit delicate and accident prone, apart from getting stuck in their food feeders, the boys are surviving the renovation quite well. They seem to be less allergic to dust than me which seems decidedly unfair. Bert is basically mad anyway, if he wasn’t so incredibly stupid I’d try and teach him to talk, but as he still doesn’t understand the concept of see-through objects that’s probably a lost cause.

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