Odd Jobbing…

Our own little patch of wasteland

Top of the garden

I started stripping back all the massively overgrown bushes and brambles that run down the boundary of the garden. You can just see from the picture that once all the ivy was cut back there were burnt dead trees hidden inside. Same is true all down the garden, it’s all really burnt on our side of the hedge, obviously a while ago as everything has grown up round it.


Hedge Cuttings

Everything that I pulled off, ready to be burnt.

Didn’t really think much about the cremated parts of the hedge until we went round our neighbours for a drink. Mentioned it in passing and it turns out that our dear prior owner had himself a little bonfire one dry summer, left the whole thing ablaze while he went inside for a cuppa. This resulted in two fire engines being called out and our neighbours greenhouse being burnt down… and then he did it again next year.

Also going on around the house, our kitchen arrived! We’re not ready to put it in yet though, so it’s currently stacked in the front room meaning we have no space for anything, anywhere, at all.


Another tribute to the previous owner who had an unrivalled love not only for jesus but for nails. Rather than fixing the carpet back down at the edges if it came up like a normal person, he got a as many 6 inch nails as it is possible to buy and hammered the carpet back down. Everywhere. This small section is about 6″ worth of carpet that we were removing to lay a wall on.


The blocking up of this doorway in fact.

Kitchen entrance

Managing with half a square metre of worktop.

Making do...

And back in the garden we decided to take down the two conifers you can see here, they are absolutely massive, and a really horrible shape. Our neighbour was more than happy for them to go as well as they take up about 95% of his garden.


My dad also dislikes conifers and brought a chainsaw especially.





Me trying to dislodge the last bit of conifer




Our neighbour gives us a hand moving it all to the top of the garden.





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