Starting on the Third Bedroom

So here it is at the start, quite a small little room but you can fit a single bed in fairly easily. Third Bedroom

Bit of a change once we stripped out the built in wardrobe, wallpaper and took up the carpet. They’d used a plastic coated wallpaper and also blocked the air brick, (as I forgot to mention before, with a pair of manly blue shorts and a piece of cardboard.) so apart from the lovely breeze coming around the window frame it had got pretty stuffy and mouldy in there.

Third Bedroom

As you can see they’ve got lathe and plaster walls which are very springy meaning all the old plaster is falling off in sheets, so we decided it would be best to takes it all off and just plasterboard over the top. This means we can also put in a piece of wood inside the wall to support the radiator if we want to move it to the other wall in our bedroom as they’ve put it in a stupid place.

So we’ve stripped all the lather from this side of the wall, fortunately they’ve plasterboarded the other side already so that makes things easier. You’d be surprised at how much rubble came off one tiny the wall, you can see it’s about a foot deep on the floor already. Took us 6 rubble sacks just for the plaster, safe to say plastering lathe is far from economical.

Third Bedroom

Another bonus of stripping back the wall means we can now also insulate it inside, it also makes it nice and easy to rewire when we come to it. You can see the new wooden support is in place too.

Third Bedroom

Putting the first plug socket in! Not so fun when you don’t have an SDS drill. This room had no sockets at all previously, so we’ve installed two new one, one each side. The other one you can see on the bottom in the picture above. They’re not wired in yet though.

Third Bedroom

Touching up the plastering. One wall is nearly a nice finished although they’ve stopped halfway through doing it. The other ones will need serious help later!

Third Bedroom

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