En route to Melvaig, Via Inverness

So the long awaited holiday has come and we are finally en route! We’re headed for a ‘village’, which I give quotations marks to as it consists of probably about 3 houses, opposite the Isle of Skye on the North West coast of Scotland. Technically I believe we’re staying in a place called Aultgrishan, which is adjacent to the village of Melvaig. But I can neither pronounce or spell the former so I’m sticking to the latter. As you can see we’ve packed the boys and then beer after a lengthy shop in Inverness…

Car Loaded

For those of you who haven’t been to the Highlands, the nearest shop to us is 9 miles away and is a small Nisa which devotes and a large isle to birthday cards and magazines and about half a small shelf to vegetables. Hence the need to stock up…

After Inverness, we diverted a short way out of the city to Loch Ness and obligatory tourist photos.


The weather has been changeable to say the least but we have at least seen a lot of rainbows, this is probably the third one of the day over the loch.P1010888

We got up at 6, left at 7.30am and I reckon that at this point it’s about 7.45pm. We stopped off briefly to look at Victoria Falls which is a large waterfall, as you can see, just off the main road that runs up from Kinlochewe to Gairloch.


Looking back from the waterfall out to Loch Maree which is shadowed further back by the sinister looking munros of Slioch and Liathach. Or would be if it wasn’t incredibly misty and raining.


And we made it! We arrived at about 8.30pm, giving us a door to door time of 13 hours with 3 stops on the way. Here’s our chalet which is joined onto the owners house, who consequently is a lovely guy. Despite being in affect a semi-detached thing, you wouldn’t know, the insulation is clearly better than our house in Birmingham. On arrival we went round to give our £50 deposit and then decided to pop over to the pub to say hello to the locals, this is a convenient couple of metres from our door. We then ran everything from the car, to the house in the enthusiastic wind and rain and got ourselves an early night.

The Chalet

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