Day 1: Around Gairloch

So today, we stayed local. It spent a large amount of the night raining heavily and was still raining in the morning. Low cloud and winds make any walks with height out of the question. Nothing to stop us checking out the local area though, I tend to think that if you go out and make sure that everything you’re wearing is waterproof, the rain will stop pretty quickly.

Driving out of Melvaig and into Gairloch, our local larger village. We parked next to the cemetery and walk down onto the beach. Gairloch Beach

And the we had some actually blue sky!!

Gairloch Beach

And then I found that this beach has a lot of shells that are all perfectly in tact and also still joined together so that theres a pair and my slight OCD and compulsive shell collecting tendencies meant that I had to be pried away from the beach.


Gairloch BeachGairloch Beach

We headed up from the beach over the headland towards Charleston. From what I understand, Gairloch is divided into two parts. The north being called Strath and the South Charleston.

Gairloch Beach

Stopping for lunch overlooking the beach and finally eating that lemon drizzle cake that my mum gave me when I moved house and that’s been sitting in the freezer for 6 months. Please believe me when I say that this is purely just down to being forgetful, and that it still tastes just as good!


Silver birches along the moorland path.

Silver Birch


Once over the moorland and heading down the other side, Charleston harbour comes into view.

Charleston Harbour

Charleston Harbour

After walking out of Charleston, you cross over the road into the Flowerdale estate. Once the site of feuding families it know offers pony trekking and some rather lovely waterfalls if you follow the path up the valley. I didn’t realise until today however that it also has it’s own arboretum and it’s through this that we followed the path on the way back to the car. Flowerdale ArboretumP1010944

One day I really will make a post of all the nice trees I’ve seen. That’s all it’s going to be. Trees.

Flowerdale ArboretumFlowerdale Arboretum

The air here is much cleaner than your average as is generally measured by the length of the lichen you can find hanging of something. Flowerdale Arboretum

And finally we emerge out of the trees and come to the end of our little walk. And now, ironically it’s quite a nice day.

Flowerdale Arboretum


After getting some money out in the village we went a had a drink and a game of pool in the local before ambling back to our chalet to cook and enjoy a rather lovely sunset over the sea out of our kitchen window.


Flowerdale Arboretum  

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