I have acquired the old family pet, Herman the tortoise. Originally named Hermione from the book The Borrowers, and renamed Herman once he made it completely clear he was male. Also kind of suits him, as that is also the name for the type of tortoise he is.

He is very unhelpful.

This is his temporary accommodation, we had put him on the grass in the garden from which he escaped no less that three times before we decided we had to move him. Great talking point with the neighbours, but way too stressful.

Herm's house

The first time he escaped was when we were at Download and we had a slightly panicky call from Lee’s dad (the housesitter) saying he couldn’t find him. By the time we got back however, he had been reclaimed. He then escaped a further two times, once for several days in a row, always reappearing three doors down on their patio. For which, he had to descends some fairly long and steep concrete stairs, apparently this is no obstacle.

So we moved him down to the patio area where he proceeded to get in the way. Of everything.


You wouldn’t think it, but for an animal with a reputation for being very slow he really is quite fast. I think one day his curiosity will be his downfall but for now he has ended up on his back a few times after climbing in and out of the shed, legs waving furiously and looking most unimpressed that we have caused him this embarrassment.

A day in the life


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