Today started with rain. Again. The view from our window quite clearly shows the squall coming across the sea….

Ceol Na Mara

Five minutes later, this is the amount of hail we’ve got! Ceol Na Mara

Nevertheless, we decided to suck it up and and for a walk anyway on the off chance that it never. stops. raining.

So we thought we’d go for the waterfall walk around Flowerdale Glen, it’s probably one of the closest walks. So we headed off out just before lunch, got there, parked and realised that I’d forgotten most of the things required to do the walk. We then walked down to Gairloch harbour to see if any of the whale cruises were running which they weren’t. Also, my feet hurt because I spent yesterday walking in wet shoes, and after googling, discovered that I have the beginnings of trenchfoot! Yum.

So we went home.

And then the weather improved a bit… so we though we’d brave a brief stroll down the beach by the chalet.

Melvaig Beach

Turns out the weather was definitely changeable but looking pretty dramatic over the sea.

Melvaig Beach

After we walked about a mile we got to this bit where you had to time it right to get round the cliff without getting soggy.

Melvaig Beach

Got black and white and artsy with it.

Melvaig BeachMelvaig Beach

The whole edge of the sea is covered in a good foot of wobbly sea form which is fairly disgusting but doesn’t spoil the view.

Melvaig Beach

View ahead of us, we aiming for a waterfall just a bit further down the beach.

Melvaig Beach

There’s actually a technical term when the sun shines through the clouds like this but I can’t remember what it is.

Melvaig Beach

Back the way we came and we were pretty sure we were about to get soaked.

Melvaig Beach

I’ve made the photos I like bigger as you can probably tell…

Melvaig Beach

Here’s the waterfall we’re trying to get to but it turns out that when we got to this point that the tide’s come in too far for us to walk along the beach.

Melvaig Beach

Rather than walk back along the beach, which is actually quite hard work as it’s not sand but really rocky we decided to climb up onto the road.

Also means I don’t have to walk back past the dead cow we saw on the way which is very, very rotten.

Road to Melvaig

Turns out the cliffs are higher than we thought and we’re both totally gasping by the time we get anywhere near the top. Once you’re on the road though it’s about a mile and a half walk back to the chalet which is adjoined to the white house on the right here.

Road to Melvaig

Turns out we’re very lucky with the weather! Lovely walk down the beach with only minor hail and then when we get back we get to see another lovely sunset.

Sunset Ceol na Mara

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