Loch Kernsay and Loch Fionn

So today was the best day so far! Which makes it difficult because there’s so many walks here that require good visibility, it’s hard to pick one. We decided to go for this one, it has a bit of everything, rivers, lochs and forests, but most importantly promises fantastic views of the mountains.

It starts in Poolewe, near the local free church where you can park. From here you head back down the road towards the sea loch and then turn right to walk along the road by the loch for a short way.

Loch Ewe

The path then heads away from the road and begins to cross some moorland and the occasional stream.

Loch Kernsay and Fionn Loch

Soon the moorland becomes increasingly barren and gives way to scrubby heather and grass, here the snow topped mountains now come into view.

Loch Kernsay and Fionn Loch

The path now starts to descend towards the edge of Loch Kernsay.

Loch Kernsay

Birds wheeling above us as we continue to walk. We thought this was an eagle? Then a buzzard? Now I’m not sure, think it’s a buzzard though!


After dropping down across the moorland awe now walk fairly close to the side of the loch. Everything looks lovely in the sunshine!

Loch Kernsay

The farm at the end of the loch comes into view and we cross over a large river and the head up to the left of the outbuildings. Here the footpath meets a well maintained track and we go left of the hill towards the mountains.


The track climbs steadily, passing conifer plantations and a river to the side. The valley begins to open up as we approach the next loch.  Road to Fionn LochRoad to Fionn Loch

Panoramic view off the right hand side of the track.

Road to Fionn Loch

Some smaller lochs come into view on the way.

Road to Fionn Loch

A better view of the mountains.

Road to Fionn Loch

A proud stag watches us from the hillside nearby.


The track leads to the shoreside of Fionn Loch and several moored boats.

Road to Fionn Loch

We grab a quick bite to eat sitting in one of the moored boats. We don’t stay for long as the wind comes directly off the freezing mountains and sitting still is chilly!


Then it’s time to retrace our steps back down the track to the farm and this time on past it, continuing down the same track. This slows winds down through the valley, skirting the other side of Loch Kernsay with glimpses back to the mountains.

River Ewe

Continuing down this access you past a couple of other houses, or more estates, definitely reserved for the rather wealthy. One has its own tennis court, lochside. Down from that they have about 5 garages, stables, a boathouse, a guesthouse… etc… All in a rather beautiful river/forest/mountain setting. They’ve probably got their own private bank in there as well. One can dream…

And then there’s the final stretch back to the car park besides the River Ewe and we’re back to the car park, 10 miles later.

River Ewe

Fingers crossed that tomorrow is as lovely!

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