A foggy day.

So today was another day with pretty low cloud and therefore not a good mountain day. It’s ok though, there’s a couple of things we still want to do which are inside. We found out there’s a small distillery in Aultbea in the week and wanted to pay it a visit. Reading a few Trip Advisor reviews it sounded interesting, a tiny place that was basically a converted garage.

Lee emailed the owner earlier in the week to see if we needed to book but it’s on a just turn up basis so we though we’d save it for when the weather wasn’t so good. We dropped in to see when a good time was and the woman told us around 5 o’clock would be good.

As it wasn’t a particularly rainy day, just cloudy we decided to go for a walk to Slaggan Bay. It’s a fairly short walk that visit the ruins of Slaggan (and old crofting settlement) before reaching a small sandy beach whose only access is by foot or by sea.

The beginning of the walk is fairly non-descript over the same moorland until the two end walls of one of the houses come into sight nearing the beach.

Slaggan Bay

Straight after this house, the view down to the beach.

Slaggan Bay

A walk around the bay which has interesting multicolour sand, streaked orange and yellow, like the rocks.

Slaggan Bay

Slaggan Bay

Especially evident in this picture.

Slaggan Bay

After this we retraced out steps back along the track to get ready for our tour of the brewery.

I didn’t take any pictures of the actually distillery, but I’d recommend a visit to anyone. It’s £10 a time which includes 3 samples, and the owners, John and Frances are lovely and very, very knowledgable.

A link to their website – http://www.lochewedistillery.co.uk

We are now the proud owners of our own little bit of kit now too! Picture to follow…

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