Loch Clair and Loch Coulin

So after our lovely walk up Beinn Damh we decided that if we had another nice day we’d recover by walking around these two picturesque lochs. I’ve walked it before several years ago and remember it being a beautiful place, good level footpaths too, perfect after our trek yesterday.

The path starts off down a small track that leaves the road between Kinlochewe and Torridon. It then crosses this bridge over the river before heading up the valley.

Loch Clair  Loch Claire

This track runs down beside Loch Clair for around half a mile with lovely views back to Liatharch and Beinn Eighe.

Loch Clair Loch Clair

Loch Clair

The track then reaches the Coulin estate where it turns right over a bridge towards the main house.

Coulin Estate

The footpath however continues straight ahead down the valley and soon turns into a small path rather than a road. Soon the next loch, Loch Coulin comes into view with the path running its length. The views back down the valley to the mountains are magnificent.

Loch Coulin

One of the holiday cottages here available to rent.

Coulin Lodge

View back down the valley including fairytale ponies.

Loch Coulin


The footpath the rejoins a track, which is the access for the cottages, and continues down the valley. The clouds are starting to sink and the top of Beinn Eighe has been covered for a while now.

Loch Coulin

Loch Coulin

Loch Coulin

After loch the track passes beside the house and the swings around to cross the aforementioned bridge. Note the massive deer larder to the left!

Coulin Estate

After crossing the bridge the main access is rejoined down to the road. The mountains now looking distinctively moody in the background.

Loch Clair

Loch Clair

The weather forecast for tomorrow is supposed to be rain with the rest of the week being nice so we are hopefully gearing up to some other high walks later on.

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