Beinn Eighe and Red Point Beach

So today is forecast as another gorgeous day. Our friends from Birmingham stayed with us last night in the chalet and this morning we’re off to do a walk before they head over to Skye. As predicted here it is, another fabulous day. We decided to do Beinn Eighe as it’s a fairly quick walk but is a nice taster of Scotland. It’s got the mountains and the views as well as the usual forests and waterfalls and is situated in a nature reserve just off the side of Loch Maree.

The start of the climb by Loch Maree.

Loch Maree


Gradually climbing up, the views get better.

Loch Maree

Over halfway, stopping for a breather at a small waterfall.

Beinn Eighe

And now we’re nearly at the top, rather sweaty. It’s that hot we’re all wearing t-shirts.

Beinn Eighe

Creating some bespoke rock art that lasted for nearly a minute before it was blown over.

Beinn Eighe

View from the top, a bit hazy but still lovely.

Beinn EigheBeinn Eighe

Direction of the path across the top between several small lochs.

Beinn Eighe

Hazy mountains in the background…

Beinn Eighe

Accompanied by walking on water.

Beinn Eighe

After passing several lochs the path starts heading back down.

Beinn Eighe

Loch Maree comes into sight again


The walk passes along by a large chasm to the right, the depth of a 16 storey building.




Back through some scrubby birches.


Final views of the Loch


Back into the forest, nearly back to the cars.


View from the car park of the loch, we went for a very quick paddle to cool off. The water is incredibly cold despite the boiling hot weather.


A tree tries to find somewhere for its roots by the shore.


We then return to the car and our friends leave for Skye. I like to think we’ve helped inspire them to come back for some more walks in the highlands.

And now, seeing as it’s only 3 o’clock we’ve still got half the afternoon to go. Being the day that it is we decide to head for the beach. Not that far away, and by far the nicest, is Red Point which we visited laster year. Driving down I expected more people, it being the sunny day that it is, but on arrival everyone appears to be leaving and we have the beach to ourselves.

My camera is on some weird ‘arty’ setting without my realising.


Realised and took it off. Tried to sunbathe but realised it was actually way too windy for that.


So; we walked down to meet the waves.


Messed around with a shell as a pen.


Took pictures of the water flowing out to sea. I love the pattern it makes on the sand as it moves.


And climbed onto the rocks that jut out into the sea. The seaweed that coats half of them is a particularly unbelievable colour and just as slippery.P1000980

Some sea anemones in a rock pool.


A final view back down the beach before we left and emptied the sand out of it’s shoes.


Pub time!

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