Day One – The adventure begins.

So just over six years ago, I developed the crazy idea of buying a VW camper van to go travelling in. Shortly after that initial idea, I met Willow, who also became very taken with the idea of travelling the world in a VW campervan. And so the early idea of Ruby was put created.

Those of you who know us, or are friends with us on Facebook will know that we have spent the last three years, painstakingly moulding Ruby into a functional portable home that would be able to cope with the demands of travelling anywhere we needed(or wanted).

I am not going to talk anymore about getting to this point (sat in a quiet Scottish Road next to a lake and a river), as I want this blog to be purely about our experiences from now.

Having the van packed for the first trip was very exciting, however slightly terrifying at the same time. Planning to spend two weeks living in a tiny van, requires plenty of foresight (something that isn’t my strong point). Luckily Willow has us covered on that part.

With the van packed, we were ready to set off on our first proper voyage in Ruby. It’s safe to say that even the prospect of a 400 mile drive couldn’t dampen our spirits.

And that is impressive, because anyone who has even been inside a T2 will confirm that they are literally freezers on wheels.

The journey is pretty non-descript for the first 3 hours. Just boring M6, with boring M6 views. However, once you pass the Lake District, you are rewarded for your perseverance with outstanding views of the Yorkshire Dales.

After a quick stop in Asda, Ruby passed over the Scottish border for the first time.

We carried on northwards, and decided to find somewhere to stop just north of Glassgow. With me navigating, I decided on what looked like a nice area to camp with potential loch views. Unfortunately, 40 minutes of driving led us to a navy base, M.O.D base and a Police dog base. 10 minutes down a single road did ultimately lead us to our eventual first nights resting spot.

I promised my class that I would post riddles, so here is my first one…

Once you have it, you want to share it. Once you share it, you don’t have it. What is it?

10 thoughts on “Day One – The adventure begins.

  1. Howdi!
    This is Zeke. I had the pleasure of meeting you and Ruby at Assateague when I was biking around the campsites. Just saw the latest Youtube about Molly and almost cried. God bless her.
    Who is the kitten I met? The cute blondie.
    Take care and Godspeed to you all. I hope to see you again someday, but we live in Maryland and your probably way gone by now. Be happy!


    1. Hey Zeke,

      Thanks for the message!

      I am glad you found the YouTube channel, was a really sad video to put together.

      Our new van cat is called Aimee, but we didn’t get her until after leaving Assateague.

      I am sure you met Molly, as Assateague was a couple of days before she sadly passed.

      We are in Texas at the moment.

      We’re having such a great time that we may apply for another US visa when we are finished in Canada.

      So maybe our paths will cross again next year and you will get to meet Aimee!

      Take it easy, and please keep in touch. It’s great to hear from people we meet along the way!


  2. My mum and sister said hello and year six is super fun. I am working hard and improving in my spellings, too. We had a maths test and over all I got 42 out of 100.
    Trying harder, have a nice Christmas!


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