Day 3 – Fort William to Kyle of Lochalsh

We decided that we want to visit Skye but snow is forecast for tonight and the van is very, very bad in the snow so we decided to head north and see how it looks later.

It’s not as nice today with some low cloud, but it’s not raining so we decided to go for a walk that starts at Balmacara square and loops round through some nice woodland seeing as it’s not really a day for big views. This little walk starts from the square and crosses over a bridge before it then heads up the hill towards the base of Sgurr Mor.

P1020752 (NXPowerLite Copy).jpg

P1020753 (NXPowerLite Copy).jpg

I thought the OS map was probably not necessary, after all it’s a short walk with waymarked trails. Unfortunately, forestry commission strikes again and we end up in totally the wrong place with only an artist’s impression of the walk outline. After climbing up and down a few hills trying to work out where we were supposed to be without much luck we eventually figured it out and managed to get back on the correct path which winds through the a very green mossy forest.

P1020739 (NXPowerLite Copy)P1020740 (NXPowerLite Copy)

The past then turns and heads steadily back towards to coastline.

P1020743 (NXPowerLite Copy)

The path then drops very steeply back down to the coast line which you follow back to the original start point.

P1020744 (NXPowerLite Copy)

Once back at the van, we went off to find a petrol station as our heater was out of diesel as we discovered earlier when I couldn’t have tea. We also dropped into a local mechanic to find a fuse as our window washer had stopped working, probably the same time as the connector for the heated seats melted. They had a breakdown ‘wall of shame’ in the reception which we are trying to avoid ending up on. Ruby being Ruby likes to do the VW equivalent of throwing her toys out of the pram when we have plans. This time it was a fuel leak and a broken sliding door the day before we set off, so who knows what’s next.

We then went off up into the hill behind Plockton in search of somewhere to spend the night. There was a gorgeous spot by a loch, but it was pretty windy so we decided to head down into the woods in the valley for a bit more shelter and parked up besides a small river on a dead end track for the night.

P1020754 (NXPowerLite Copy).jpg

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