Day Two – Fort William

One of the main reasons for wanting to own a VW other than the way they look, is the ability to drive anywhere and spend the night at spots that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. I am a firm believer however, that being able to pull up anywhere and sleep doesn’t automatically give you a right to do so. Although wild camping in a tent is acceptable in Scotland, wild camping in a camper is still technically against the law, as Scotland shares the same laws regarding camping as the rest of Great Britain. Luckily, compared to England, Scotland is a lot more relaxed about people sleeping in their vans. What pains me more than anything, is driving around a beautiful Loch, and seeing 4 or 5 giant white portable homes ruining a scenic view. I know that makes me a massive hypocrite for what I am about to write about. After waking up to surprisingly lovely views on Day Two

We made a push further north, with Fort William our target. We had a lovely drive through the beautiful Scotish roads. After arriving in Fort William, our main goal was loading the van with food to last us the trip. We had selected some of our favourite recipes, from tried and tested recipe books. Whilst in the Morrison’s car park, we saw our first(and only so far) VW van. A nicely decorated split screen. I had hoped to park Ruby next to it, but it had left before I had a chance to put my plan into fruition. With Ruby stocked, we took out an OS map and headed for a local spot which we thought would offer us a nice walk, and a place to stay. In our short experience of living in Ruby, I have found that the best locations to stop are the least expected. We headed to a part in Fort William called Clune, which was right next to another stunning Loch. When we arrived, we knew immediately that we had found one of the best spots of our trip.

In the woods, signs of multiple previous camp fires suggested that this was a spot that we could spend in peace and quiet.

With a spot sorted, we set off on a walk along a forestry commission path.

All was going well until the trail we were walking stopped. We were then left with the decision of following the path back to the van, or carry on, creating our own path. Both being stubborn, and determined to see waterfalls, we set of creating our own path.

It didn’t take us long to realise that this was definitely not a suitable walking route… but ploughed on anyway.

After finding the first waterfalls, we crossed safely, and continued creating our own path. About 20 minutes later, we were rewarded with our second waterfall. We continued the rest of the circular walk, passing an old scottish estate and museum, before eventually arriving back at Ruby.

We decided to make use of a well crafted fire pit, and spend the rest of the evening enjoying the tranquil loch before cooking a halloumi and poppadom meal.

If this is what Scotland had to offer us in Ruby, then I am very excited for whats next.

(N.B – I am sorry I am not to post about our days more frequently, internet is hard to find. More posts to follow shortly.)

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