Day Five – Talisker

Sleep deprieved, due to the non-stop winds howling all night, we agreed to spend the day, immersing ourselves in Talisker, and so we spent the morning exploring Talisker beach. On the walk from the van, we were greeted by a welcoming host.

Talisker beach was lovely, but a waterfall to the right of the coast caught my eye.

So we headed off across the rocky shore to see how close we could get to the fall.

Walking on the beach, we could see first hand, the tragic effects of fishing pollution on Britain’s cost lines.

I strongly believe that more needs to be done, to ensure that our beaches are free from fishing boats cargo.

The walk from the beach wasn’t too challenging, however Willow has been suffering from severe back pains and so she was relieved when we made it across the last of the boulders we were crossing.

For a third consecutive Day, we witnessed another spectacular Scottish waterfall.

We headed back to Ruby, and set off to the distillery. Because we were up incredibly early for a holiday, we arrived at the distillery with time to spare, which actually worked out in our favour. Across the road was a shower facility, and it had been a couple of days of cleansing with baby wipes or a flannel. Another slight problem in living in such a small van, is opportunities to clean yourself properly. Luckily, we have driven past many showering facilities, and so it has not got to the point yet where I have had to bathe in a sub zero loch.

Cleansed, we completed the tour. We were guided around the distillery by a friendly and knowledgeable guide from Holland. Although distillery tours are very similar, I still enjoy having an inside look at each distillery’s individual set up in creating whiskey. My favour part of any whiskey tour is the sampling. We sampled Talisker Storm. Which is Talisker’s most peaty whiskey, due to a second condition in chared casks. I was so taken by the sample that I made sure that I left with a larger sample to try later (to ensure that their flavours are consistent of course!).

With the tour complete we set off, the weather had dramatically improved, so we decided to head to the north of the island, so we would be located near the the Isle’s most iconic walk ‘the Quiraing’. After an hour of driving round the northern coast, we settled on a spot literally on the side of the mountain.

With a picturesque spot secured, we tried a second meal from the Remoska cook book. Well fed again, we got cosy on the rock’n’roll bed and watched a gripping crime thriller. Excited for the next day, and our biggest walk of the trip so far.

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