Day Four – Isle of Skye

We don’t really have any plans that are set in stone for this trip, but we knew we wanted to fully experience the Isle of Skye and all of it’s beauty. Waking up on Day Four, we were around 20 minutes from the bridge that would take us to Skye.

With no plan other than driving to Skye, we browsed through website and read their top 10 walks on the Isle. Unfortunately, during our drive the weather took a turn for the worse, and so we decided to leave the walks with spectacular views till the next day, hoping that the weather from Day Two would reappear shortly. We settled on a walk to the Fairy Pools, with the thinking that rain and snow would make for better waterfalls.

One of my main attractions of walking in Scotland is that you can do a whole week of mountain walks and not see another single person on the trail. We realised very quickly when we arrived at the Fairy Pools that this would not be one of those walks.

Following the path sign posted ‘Fairy Pools, we joined the herdes of tourists and made our ascent up along the small lake. The walk was described as fairly short incomparison to our normal walks up Munroes, which was a relief as the weather was polar opposite to the day before. Not even half way through the walk, the skies opened and a blizzard of snow descended upon us.

We were rewarded for making the effort in a miserable Day, with some lovely waterfalls. If you ever are reading this and ever go to Skye, I would definitely recommend this walk in the sun. Preferably in summer, so you can actually climb down to the pools underneath the falls.

With still half of the day remaining, it made me very happy to know that we were only a 30 minute drive from the Talisker distillery. I am a very big fan of whiskey, and so far my distillery tours include Oban(Scotland), Penderyn(Wales’ only whisky distillery) and Jamesons(Ireland). So it made me very excited to be able to visit the Isle of Skye’s leading distillery.

Bounding through the doors, full of anticipation, my smile soon turned to despear, as we were informed that the tours for that day were fully booked. And so we booked a slot for 3:45pm the next day, which the nice assistant had a terrible time remembering, first writing the wrong time slot on our tickets, and then telling us that ‘he’ll see us tomorrow morning!’. With no tour completed, but one booked in, Google maps were up on our phones again looking for another direction to seek refuge for the night. With a general direction identified, we set off, Ruby’s not so quiet engine filling the quiet town where the distillery is located.

About fifteen minutes away, we settled on this spot.

It was far enough away from the road that we wouldn’t be disturbed(it was a single track road to nowhere, so there wasn’t much traffic anyway). The spot also had what we presumed was picturesque views of mountains, only we were pretty much surrounded by clouds.

This evening, we finally got to try our Remoska, with is an electric cooking pot which cooks like an oven. We made a gnocchi dish out of the accompanying cook book.

Stuffed, we tried to get some well deserved rest. We learned that evening that sleeping surrounded by clouds also meant that we were surrounded by torrents of wind. It’s safe to safe we didn’t sleep much that night. At least I had the distillery tour to look forward to the next day.

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