Day Three – Balmacara

Waking up next to your own personal loch for free, justifies all of the hard work that has gone into Ruby. Although I sometimes get the feeling Ruby doesn’t always appreciate it. Ruby likes to throw hissy fits and as I am currently writing this, we are pulled over in a random spot, because one of Ruby’s coolant pipes has cracked, causing her to leak her coolant everywhere (but you will have to wait for Day Five to hear more about this!).

We started Day Three, by driving all the way back around our personal Loch, which has been creatively named Loch Lochy. Stopping off for some more supplies in the main town, we then hit the A road north, taking in the sights of Ben Nevis as we passed.

We wanted to visit the Isle of Skye, as it is described as one of the most beautiful Islands in the world. So we decided to do a walk from one of our walking books in Balmacara. The walk was described as a short circular walk starting in a small town square. Before the walk, we fancied a quick hot drink, Willow has craving tea and we had exhausted all of our water. I was intrigued by a chai late coffee… big mistake! With a bitter taste in my mouth, we left the square and set off on our walk. After fifteen minutes of walking we were greeted by our adversary from the previous days walk – the forestry commission. With works currently being undertaken, the walk didn’t match the description in the book. As a result, we spent about twenty minutes making our own route again trying to get back on the track. After realising that the route we were taking was completely wrong, we doubled back and eventually found ourselves back in sync with the book. The walk was very rewarding, and we were provided with our first views of Skye.

After completing the walk, we drove inland, in search of a secluded spot that would provide us ample cover from the strong winds that were building up around us.

We found a beautiful Loch that would have provided us gorgeous views from our window in the morning, but the winds made the site to loud to even contemplate sleeping. So we drove a couple of minutes down the road, settling for a small track nestled next to a small stream.

For supper, we cooked a polenta, feta and cavolonero dish with a poached egg (I was too busy devouring the food to take a picture to share).

We went to bed excited to be heading to Skye in the morning.

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