Day 12 – Achnashellach, Coulin Pass and the River Lair

Feeling like we needed another long walk after yesterday we went for this, a 9 mile circuit that starts from Achnashellach train station and the goes past several waterfalls.

The day started off with another brunch, outside in the sun!
As we were on a campsite, we cleaned out the van, did some washing and filled up the water tank. The walk was just a few miles further down then road from the one we did yesterday so we headed off around lunchtime to make a start.

The book reckons it takes 5-6 hours so this gives us plenty of time.
Parking in the layby by the train station, I hung up the washing to dry and then we set off.

The route passes by the train station, across the tracks and then follows the foresty track that climbs steadily up the side of the valley. As a large majority of this woodland had been felled, there are splendid views back down of Loch Carran the higher you get.

P1020916 (NXPowerLite Copy)

P1020923 2 (NXPowerLite Copy)

After a while the forest returns and the track still climbing reaches the end of the trees and comes out onto the open moorland of the Coulin Pass. Now you follow this still well made road down towards Loch and the river at the bottom.

P1020928 (NXPowerLite Copy)

Having crossed the bridge, turn left and walk beside the tumbling water as a nice waterfall comes into view. We stopped for a snack here.

P1020929 (NXPowerLite Copy)

Continuing along another waterfall comes into view and another small bothy located just before it.

P1020933 (NXPowerLite Copy)

P1020934 (NXPowerLite Copy)

You cross the river here and the track now turns into a footpath that runs for several miles across the top of the moors in the shadow of Beinn Liath Mhor. The weather has descended a bit and a lot of the hills are again shrouded in cloud with occasional patches of sun.

P1020942 (NXPowerLite Copy)

After some time the path emerges at the top of a steep descent with some interesting rock formations. The river Lair can be heard as a distant roar in the valley to the right.

P1020944 (NXPowerLite Copy)

P1020946 (NXPowerLite Copy)

We picked our way down until once again we are back in the forest with some beautiful mountainous views through the trees as we walk back towards the train station. All in all, 4 hours for this circuit.

P1020952 (NXPowerLite Copy)

Washing in progress.

P1020953 (NXPowerLite Copy)

As we are nearing the end of the holiday, in order to cut down the drive at the end we descided to drive south and stay the night at Glen Affric. This would give us the change for another nice walk on our last day and bring us down closer towards Fort William to cut the driving down for Friday.

We arrived down the glen with the water almost glass like and the place silent. We parked up in the car park for Loch Beinn a’ Mheadhain with some beautiful views and not a soul in site.

P1020954 (NXPowerLite Copy)

P1020958 (NXPowerLite Copy)

Tomorrow we plan to walk a circuit of Loch Affric, around 12 miles long, and time permitting visit the the waterfalls at the other end of the glen.

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