Day Eight – Strome Castle

Waking up slightly more tired than we were expecting due to really strong winds throughout the night, we headed to Torridon’s public facilities which included showers. So far we have managed to keep ourselves fairly clean, thanks to the surprise showers near Talisker distillery. We decided to take advantage of more shower facilities, as I was still moaning about feeling cold and wet from lying underneath Ruby the day before. We had polar opposite experiences of our showers here. The shower in the girls room, had a broken feed pipe, and so the water pressure was apparently rubbish. Mine however, was working brilliantly, and was just what I needed. Whilst we were near accessible water, we also refilled our water supplies, as our water tank was running on empty. We left a £4 tip to keep the facility maintained.

Feeling refreshed and more awake, we headed off for the days walk, excited to get back into proper walks out of one of the many walking guides we brought up with us. We decided on a walk starting in Achintraid, which was a nice eight and a half mile walk, that combined woodlands, moorland, seashore, riverside and even the remains of a ruined castle.

The start of the walk wasn’t too far from Torridon, so before we knew it, we were parking up ready for a good four to five hour walk.

The walk started with a slight climb up a single lane track, opening up into some expansive moorland with a lovely view of Applecross, a peninsula we would be heading for later on in the travel.

The walk then curves and descends down into some beautiful woodlands, accessed by stepping stones over a small stream. Once in the woodlands you climb up a steep hill, where you become fully submerged in the trees and moss covered floor. We found a nice spot in the woods, that had a pretty nice view and so stopped for lunch.

After walking down the hill in the picture, you join a small road, which you follow to the ruined castle.

We spend the next ten minutes taking the obligatory artsy photos.

From the castle, you start following the walk back to the starting point. On the way, we found a quiet spot that we decided to return to later that night with panoramic views of a loch.

Once we had returned to Ruby, we stopped of in Loch Carron to grab some more supplies to keep us going and then head back to our spot.

We settled down for the evening, enjoying a paneer and pea curry and more picturesque views of Scotland.

Tomorrow would be Ruby’s biggest challenge yet… the drive up to Applecross.

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