Day Nine – Drive to Applecross

The day had finally arrived where we were finally going to put Ruby through her biggest challenge to date – the drive to Applecross. For those of you who don’t know much about Applecross, it is a small village on the north west coast, and it only has two ways of getting there. The first way is a nice coastal road which takes a bit longer whilst it twists and winds around the coast. The second route is a steep drive straight up between to mountains to Bealach Na Ba, which is 2053 feet about sea level; and then down the other side to Applecross. We were both fairly confident that Ruby’s modern engine would have more that enough power to get us up the road, but were less sure how the cooling system would handle the extra strain on the engine, as Ruby isn’t exactly the lightest VW on the road. Ruby surpassed all of our expectations on the drive up. We only had to pull over a few times, and that was to allow cars coming down to pass. It is quite an experience driving up through the mountains, and it made me wonder how many VWs make the climb over to Applecross.

Here is artsy video of the drive up that I put together.

Once we arrived at Applecross, we stopped for a quick drink in the local inn whilst we planned our days activity.

We settled on a circular walk, starting off by the sea. The walk takes you up through some higher ground and then leads round through some marshland, woods and then finishes off with a walk along a river.

About an hour into the walk we stumbled across some deer. We have seen deer before on our walks through Scotland; normally they are in a near by field and then flee as they hear us approaching.

The deer we met today we not like that.

The weather was holding out today, which was nice because it has been a bit changeable the last couple of days.

Once we had finished the walk, we once again set off looking for a place to park up for the night. Once again we had scouted out potential spots during the walk.

We settled on a piece of grassland right next to the beech.

As it was Sunday, we decided to through together a bit of an alternative roast dinner. As it was still light out, I had the idea of using our tripod stand for our table and eating our meal outside.

Willow by this point felt it was a lot colder than I did, but to her credit, she powered on through the meal anyway.

We spent the rest of the night trying to identify some walks that we could potentially do in the morning.

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