Day Ten – I finally got one!

So on the morning of Day 10, it finally happened. And in the place I least expected it.We woke up to our stunning beach side view, with glorious sunshine pouring down on us. Still haunted by the rain and blizzards from Skye, it was nice to know that I may actually be able to do a walk without wearing half of my wardrobe.We drove back into town to use the toilet facilities and to refuel Ruby. As we were pulling into the car park, I saw the familiar shape that I had been so longing to photograph. In our of the most remote towns where we were travelling, another bay window had made the trek up the mountain to enjoy the wonders of Applecross. Pulling up beside it, I finally got my picture opportunity with another classic VW.I could go home satisfied now that my mission was complete.By buying Ruby, we unknowingly signed up to a unique and special club. Owning a VW automatically ensures that when you are driving around, other VW drivers automatically wave hysterically at you. Driving around in Ruby however, doesn’t just have this effect on VW drivers, whilst driving across Scotland, I have lost count of the endless smiles or over enthusiastic children who go crazy when Ruby drives past. It’s nice to know that Ruby has a positive effect on other people as well as ourselves.Still excited about our VW encounter, we set off for the days walk. We had chosen a smaller circular walk which was supposed to have some a variety of views again. This would still leave us time to explore the top of Bealach Na Ba on our drive back over.The walk offered us some lovely views, as well as a glimpse at what we believed to be an otter.As well as living otters swimming by, I stumbled upon what I believe was the remains of another otter.After finishing the walk, we set of back towards the steep climb out of Applecross. On leaving, you see signs warning that the road is impossible to pass during bad conditions. Luckily for us, the sun was still beaming down on us.At the top we parked up to fully appreciate the views of the west coast.We decided to do a little walk half way towards one of the peaks, so that we could get better views of the area. However, both being fairly stubborn, we decided that we couldn’t turn around until we had reached the peak.On the final stretch, we joined another person who was heading up to the top with his dog named Toby. I never caught his name, but he was originally from Stoke, and moved up to the area about 7 years ago. I was a bit envious of his life choice, as he had such a great variety of walks on his door step, and he sounded like he took advantage of the surroundings with regular walks. Maybe an early retirement to Scotland is in order. My class will be able to cope without me right?Some images from the top.We head back down to Ruby, where it was my turn to drive her down the winding single track road to death.Safely down, we decided to try and see if a small campsite in Loch Carron had space for us to use their electric hook ups. When we got there, the last hook up had just been taken by a family camper that over took us whilst we were pulled over for Willow to take a photo. Oh well, we found a quiet spot not to far away by the side of a single track road and a railway track. We were both praying that there wouldn’t be any late night trains driving past in the middle of the night.As it was getting a bit late, we cheated and shared a very large warmed up camembert with some nice bread and local chutney.

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