Day 12 – Another day- another big walk.

We woke up, one of two campers in the campsite. The sun was well and truly out this morning. We decided to fill up on a big stodgy breakfast bap, so we would have more time to do our next big walk later in the day.

Definitely one of the better breakfasts we’ve had on the trip!

We had agreed on another long walk for today. This one was only nine miles, but the book still suggested that it would take five to six hours due to steep climbs. With our improved fitness, we were targeting a quicker finish.

Before we left the campsite, we used the hot water to do a bit of a clothes wash, as I was rapidly running out of clothes to wear. We set up a nifty washing line just before we started the walk.

The walk climbed quickly through forestry commission tracks, offering spectacular views of the surrounding area.

There was also one poor guy working hard with his chainsaw, desperately trying to work his way through a large tree.

At the top of the track, the walk then opened up into open marsh land, with views of the surrounding mountains in the distance.

We continued to follow the track for a couple of miles until we arrived at the river.

The walk takes you past a lovely little waterfall.

And you also get to see a fairly new hydro-electric generator, that helps provide part of the region with a renewable energy source.

We stumbled across another bothy, only this one was far less impressive than the previous cottage we found.

This one was no bigger than a shed that you could probably pick up at Homebase.

We found the second waterfall of the walk shortly after the bothy. It is impossible not to see a waterfall in Scotland, but no matter how many I see, I always get great satisfaction in seeing them. I find them immensely relaxing.

We took this opportunity to take another cheeky selfie.

From here, the walk starts to look back round, climbimg along the base of Beinn Loath Mhor. It’s not long until we were gifted more fantastic views of the areas magnificent mountain ranges.

The walk finished off with a bit of a scramble down some steep rocks, which weirdly looked like they had veins.

And then we were back at Ruby… and our time in wester Ross had come to an end. We planned on heading further south, so we could start knocking off some time from the drive back home. So off we set, to Glenn Affric, with the sun behind us.

We couldn’t have picked a better spot for one of our final nights in Scotland.

That night we made a good old spag bog to use up some of the left over veg that we hadn’t quite used up.

The views of Loch Beinn a’ Mheadhoin outside the window had me hoping for one last day of sunshine tomorrow, so that we could truly appreciate the views of Loch Affric on our last walk.

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