Day Thirteen – Loch Affric

We both woke up feeling slightly depressed that today was going to be our final day on Scotland. Looking outside, it seemed that I wasn’t going to get the glorious weather I was hoping for, as a misty haze lay above the Loch in front of us. The overcast morning could have spoilt the view that we had woken up to. I think this spot was my favourite spot of the holiday, just eclipsing the loch spot we had in Fort William with the epic fire.

To start the walk, we needed to move Ruby to a car park further down the loch.

As well as this being our last walk, today’s walk would also be our longest walk at twelve miles. Although our feet were now slightly blistered from yesterday’s walk, we were confident that we could complete it quicker than the suggested five hours.

Amazingly, as we set off down the road towards the start of the track, the most miraculous thing happened. The clouds overhead, dispersed and blue sky and warmth surrounded us. This clearly was going to be a grand walk to finish our holiday on.

The walk is a simple circuit around the loch, so today there was no need for any guide books, and we could just take in the fantastic surroundings of Loch Affric.

We didn’t see the most exocit of wildlife on this walk, but we did see our first Scottish pigs, and lots of frog spawn.

As we got further round the loch, the views of the surrounding mountains became even more awe-inspiring (I am starting to run out of spectaculatives to describe the surroundings!).

Loch Affric lies beside Carn Eige, which is the tallest mountain in Northern Scotland, and the second largest mountain in the British Isles based on topographic prominence. Unfortunately, we were unable to see the peak, as the base of the mountain obscured the view.

Almost halfway through the walk we were required to cross a fast flowing burn.

We both scouted up and down the burn, looking for a suitable point to cross. Eventually, I found a fairly safe place to cross, and managed to do so without ending up hurt or wet.

Next it was Willow’s turn to cross.

She wasn’t happy with her spot and so she attempted crossing in the same spot as me.

A quick leap and we were both safely across… Unfortunately!(I am sure more people would recommend this blog if there was a video of Willow falling into a river. Oh well).

Continuing around the loch, we soon had to cross a river to do the return on the other side. It provided us with more photo opportunities.

The views from the other side of the lake were just as spectacular, and neither of us could believe how lucky we were with the weather.

As the walk drew to a close, we favoured the last of the views before finally returning to Ruby. This walk was definitely made better by the delightful sunshine that shone down on us all day, and I would definitely return to the area to attempt to climb Carn Eige in the future.

Before we left we took a few pictures of Ruby with the mountains in the background.

And then that was the end if our last walk in Scotland for this year. We again agreed to drive further south to cut more of the drive time down in the morning. So with Fort William in our sights again first for petrol, we set off.

Ruby clearly wasn’t happy about leaving, and about fifteen minutes into the drive, her temperature started to creed towards an unhealthy amount. Worried that my fine craftsmanship had failed, we pulled over and examined the engine. Fortunately, it was just the pesky earth connection for the engine fans. With the wire reattached more securely, we carried on with the journey hoping that would be the last tantrum Ruby would throw at us.

After filling up in Morrison’s, we headed further south, looking for a spot to spend our final night. Fort William provided excellent scenery as a parting gift.

Not taken by any of the sights on the side of the A road, we powered on through to a spot that was guaranteed to provide us with an excellent final night.

And so we were back where it had all started on the first night. Just slightly further away from the road this time.

Willow cooked one of her amazing legendary rissotos, and then we spent the rest of the night reflecting about the last two weeks.

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