Day Fourteen – Home time (R.I.P Fred the budgie)

We both woke in the morning pretty much prepared to leave as soon as we had eaten. I couldn’t help take a few final pictures to add to the collection.

The drive home took us around the not so picturesque Loch Lomond, as the skies had opened, and rain was pouring down. The weather perfectly matched how we both felt about leaving Scotland and having to complete a five hour drive back home down the M6. The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful, and there were no more hissy fits from Ruby on the drive down.

And so we were home, physically shattered from the last couple of days of long walks. We were greeted outside the house by Ben and Macy (the cats), who wasted little time telling us that we were late and that need needed food and attention.

Unfortunately, whilst we were gone, Fred the Budgie had passed away. Fred was bought to keep Burt company when his brother Ernie died. I am starting to suspect that Burt is just too high maintenance to live with and has drove them to suicide. Thanks for holding in as long as you did Fred.

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