La Land sur Eure – Chalonnes sur Loire

We woke up after a good nights sleep to the splashing of the fish in the pond began to get ready for the next stage of the drive.

After packing up, which takes longer than you might think we began our drive further south-west towards the Loire river. Tonight, we opted to stay on a vineyard and after a scenic drive through the country, with only a few moments when the engine started to get a bit hot we arrived around 5pm. It was about 36 degrees, so I think the van did pretty well.

Again, there was no one around so we parked up in a designated parking spot and also managed to put up the hammock. A little while later the lady who owned the vineyard arrived brandishing half a bottle of rose which she gave us as an aperitif before offering to show us round properly in the morning.

After enjoying the rose and having a nice outdoor shower quite safe in the knowledge there is no one around, we had an evening wander through the vineyard before returning to the van for the night.

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