Chalonnes sur Loire – Marsilly

We got up a little earlier this morning with a promise of being shown around the winery. Emilie, the owner, was a lovely host. She took us through the place showing us everything from the storage tanks to the bottle machine and explaining the process. I wish my French was anywhere near as good as her English! She then took us back into one of the initial rooms and asked us if we would like to taste everything. Lee, not to beat around the bush, said yes to a bit of everything and she did not disappoint. Nevermind the fact it was 10am. We sampled all of the wines shown below and left with a crate containnig a selection of our favourites.

Today was not particulary hot and quite overcast so a good day to tackle a bit more of the drive. We wanted to get to the Pyrenees by the weekend and also to make sure we could stop off in St. Andiol for their American festival which we went to last year.

Our destination was Marsilly and we planned to stay on an ostrich farm, which was quite exciting! So we wound our way through more countryside after our rather generous wine tasting, getting closer and closer to the coast. A largely uneventful trip as we pulled into the field we would be staying in. Lee went to move the van into a good spot in the field when we heard a bang, which was then followed by a loss of the gears. Turns out the clutch cable had all but snapped.

Still at least she actually got us to the campsite rather than breaking down on a main road. We headed inside to say hello to the owners and ask if they new a good garage. The lady kindly agreed to drop us at one down the road, unfortunately it was more of a Renault dealership and they were not particularly interested in helping us. Especially when we couldn’t produce the documents they wanted, on account of them not existing for English cars. So we walked back, looking for alternatives. Lee put a post on facebook and I looked at ordering one online with express delivery, bad timing for that though as it was late friday afternoon.

We decided to try and walk to another garage as it was better than not doing anything, and on the way someone online recommended a local place that seems to specalise in old VW’s which was fantastic news. In the meantime I ordered one online, just to be sure. Also to the person online who went to effort of being ‘ very concerned’ that they were not the right spacers on the clutch cable. I know. Fuck you. If you have nothing of use to say then how about at least not being an irritating sanctimonious prick?

So as I sit here typing… we are waiting for a reply or hoping that his shop opens on a Saturday. Fingers crossed, because honestly Ruby, I’m over the dramas.

BUT… it’s not all bad because look who we found in the field!

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