Day Five – Why does Ruby hate us?

In the morning, we were greeted by the warming morning sun, creeping over the hills of the vineyard. Washed and dresses, we met Emily for our tour around her winery.

Emily informed us that her dad and brother had bought the company in 2015, and she had given up her job in Paris to come and oversee the day to day running of the site, as her brother decided to move to the south of France. We were shocked to be told that only 4 people work on site and that they produce 60,000 bottles of wine a year. Emily informed us that she her future plans are to expand the company and to try to produce organic wine on the site.

After the tour, Emily was kind enough to offer us a taste of their wine selection. I mean, what tour would be complete without a taste of some wine.

We tasted 8 bottles in total. We were particularly keen on the bottle second from the left, which was a white wine conditioned in a barrel.

We thanked Emily for her time and made sure we left with a crate of wine to bring home as a reminder of this quaint winery.

And so we were back on the road, with an eye for the west coast. We had decided to go in search of some sea. After another flick through our now highly recommended book, we set of to Marsilly, just north of Bordeaux. Heading for an ostrich farm.

Although the day was a lot cooler, we were both impressed at how well Ruby’s water cooled engine was performing on the long drives. Little did we know, as we pulled into the car park to the farm, that Ruby was about to have another tantrum. Literally, as we were about to park, we heard a bang, and I was unable to select any gears. Closer inspection showed that the clutch cable had frayed and was close to snapping.

Luckily, the book said that the hosts for this site spoke english, so we headed inside to see if the could direct us to any local mechanics. The host did speak English, and she even kindly drove us to the town’s local garage. Unfortunately, that’s about as good as it got. The local garage was a Renault dealership, and they were very resistant to helping us, and so we left empty handed.

Gratefully, a message I posted on a VW group on Facebook received some useful relies, and it turns out their is a VW shop and garage down the road in La Rochelle. At this time, we have ordered a new clutch cable to the farm, but we are unsure when it will arrive. We have sent a message to the garage, and will try heading their on Saturday to see if they are hopefully open and stick the part.

Disappointed at yet another set back, we cooked a courgette and aubergine curry and watched a movie. We also made a new friend who I named Bruce.

We went to bed, unsure how long it would take us to find the replacement cable. Hopefully we would have a bit more luck in the morning.

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