Day Four – Wine

Rested and relaxed after a good night’s sleep, we packed our stuff and hit the road again. We had picked another site out of the French Passion book. A small vineyard near Angers. The drive was another 3 hours, which we planned to break up with a lunch stop on the way.

We passed through more delightful french countryside, greeted by very enthusiastic passers-by in cars. The French were clearly as happy for Ruby to have arrived as we were.

The vineyard was called Domaine des Coteaux Blancs, and was located in Chalonnes Sur Loire.

Once again, there was no sign of the owner, so we made ourselves comfy again. It wasn’t very long until the owner arrived, and came over to greet us with a bottle of her winery’s rosé wine (it had some wine in before I took the picture).

She informed us that her name was Emily, and that she would give us a tour inside the winery in the morning.

After she had left, we went for a delightful evening stroll around the vineyards.

We returned to Ruby and reflected on how lucky we were at that moment to be camped up in a gorgeous vineyard, with picturesque views. I was definitely enjoying the France Passion book, and was very enthusiastic about seeing the winery in the morning.

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