Day Three – Ruby’s first day in France

Pulling into the local Aire was a great shout, as we were both so tired from the past couple of days, that it would have been horrendous trying to complete any driving at that time.

We awoke around 9 and set off west, out of Dieppe. We don’t really have any plans set in stone for this trip, but roughly agreed to head south west for the time being.

We invested in a camping book called French Passion. It if full of campsites which you are able to stay for free at. We picked a site in Orne, Normandie. The site was a farm and only a 3 hour drive from Dieppe.

The civilised roads of the town quickly transformed into french countryside. With the windows down, we cruised west, taking in all the magnificent french scenery.

We arrived at the farm just after midday.

After a quick look around, we were unable to spot the owners, so we parked up on a spot next to a lake and made ourselves at home.

On the drive, we had stopped off at a small supermarket and stocked up on a few supplies. What you will instantly notice in a french supermarket, is the vastly superior cheese selection compared to our supermarkets.

So our first lunch break was always going to be a selection of interesting cheeses.

After lunch, we went for a walk around the local woodlands. The woods offered us some shade from the blistering sunshine, which was a welcome relief at the hottest point of the day. We turned the walk into a circular circuit, passing through the local village.

Once back, still tired from the previous day’s ordeals, we relaxed next to the lake, and caught up in some long overdue reading.

For dinner that evening, we prepared a simple blue cheese salad with some pear and chicory.

We went to bed satisfied that Ruby had finally made it to France, hopeful that we had seen the last of any mechanical issues.

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