Day Six – making the most of a bad situation

Our view this morning wasn’t quite as spectacular as our previous days.

Today, we decided to head straight for La Rochelle in the morning to try and find the VW shop and garage. We popped into the ostrich farm to enquire about local buses. We apparently timed our visit well, as a kind french couple listened to our conversation and offered us a lift. I can’t explain how awkward it is, sitting in some strangers car and unable to communicate. Luckily, Willow was able to show them our destination on Google maps, and they were able to drop us off at the shop.

With nobody answering the phone, we always knew that this trip was a long shot, and so we were not too disappointed when we arrived to find the shop closed. I would later find out that there is a VW event on in Le Mans, so can only presume that the owner is there until Sunday.

We walked into the town and caught a bus back to Marsilly. Trying not to let our situation dampen our spirits, we decided to do a tour around the ostrich farm.

(Willow is now set on owning guard ostichs in the future.)

With a tour complete, we took a leisurely stroll down to the sea. Annoyingly, Ruby chose a location in France where the beach is horrible, and so it wasn’t long before we were heading back to the van.

We have brought a fancy cookbook with us, and so decided we would pick a fancy recipe that we could source the ingredients from the local supermarket. We settled on a couscous cake with pinenuts and feta, an olive tapenade and a spinach and pepper side.

It was delicious, and by far the best thing we had cooked this week.

There was an event on in the main square, so we took a bottle of wine and went to check it out.

There was quite a good turn out, and it was nice to see a strong community spirit running through the town. It is definitely something we have lost back home in England.

The band were kind of funky, and played a set of reggae tracks which got the crowd moving.

We headed back to Ruby unsure of how we would fill our time on Sunday, as we have explored most of the local surroundings and buses don’t run either.

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