Guess where we are!

So the church here has a bell, and it rings intermittently throughout the day. At first I thought it was the time, as sometimes it does strike on the hour and the correct number, sometimes. However when it awoke me at 7.30am this Sunday morning, I have decided it has an alterior motive. It doesn’t even ring regularly, it goes on for a good 10 minutes nearly stopping every now and then like someone is about to give up and then picking up again with renewed energy…

As was probably evident from yesterday, we are stuck here till Monday, at least, until we can source a part. So trying not to see this as an ernormous waste of time in place I didn’t want to be, we tried to be optimistic! It’s fine, we’ll have a lazy day, walk down to the “beach” and just read our books and work on our tans.

So we walked down to the sea (beach is too generous), trying to find somewhere vaguely appealing to put our mat down that wasn’t a heap of rocks, a complex committed to oyster genocide or a cycle track. We found an okish spot and settled down. I’ve got a good book, so it’s not that bad. We manage about an hour and half, and then it clouds over. Not the nice wispy clouds, big thick unending grey cloud with rain over the sea. So much for the tanning day, we pack up and head home just in time for the rain. I guess I would have taken a photo but I was unimpressed.

Back at the van, the rain passes and we decide we need to go to the shop for booze supplies. It’s 3pm. On Sunday. The shop is closed, and has been for several hours. Lee has a slight panic that this may be a alcohol free evening. Also means we have no food, but there is a pizza place that we decided to come to later. It turns out they have beer to, so it’s all ok. Nice smoked salmon pizza with 8.6% beer.

Back at the campsite we speak to another couple who are English, (this appears to be a very popular stop, always busy) they seem quite nice and friendly. I try to drop hints that we need a lift to the parts shop in the morning as it’s very awkward to get to. Then someone else comes over and gives us all melons, which is nice and slightly random.

We then retreat and watch the film Sicario, it wasn’t bad despite the fact I didn’t know what they were doing most of the time.

Probably the first blog post I’ve done with no pictures!! As soon as something interesting happens I will do better…

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