Marsilly still

So we decided to try and get to the shop that might have the part we needed despite the fact he wasn’t answering his phone. We went into the farm to ask about the buses and a very kind couple who were in there at the time offered to drive us.

Turns out the shop is pretty out of the way and it was very kind of them to basically be our taxi! As we arrived it was quite clearly shut so we pretty much started looking at how to get back, we were way out by the airport and after finding a bus timetable we decided to walk the first hour to catch one bus that would take us back to Marsilly as the buses only seem to run every hour or so and we would have needed to get another two different ones otherwise. Also interesting note, the buses don’t run on Sunday.

We made it back to the farm and I explained in very bad french what the situation was and made sure they were ok with us staying until Monday when we should be able to sort it out. We then went to look around the farm, which mainly has ostriches.

A lot of ostriches in fact, this is some of the ones in one field but there’s probably around 10 fields altogether.

They also had some typical farm animals; chickens, horses etc. A goat I quite liked

And a broken goose.

After that we walked down to the sea as it was still pretty early and read our books on the beach for a bit. It’s not really a beach as such, being a bay with a large river makes it mainly mud rather than sand.

We decided to cook a fancy meal as we had time and it wasn’t that hot which made standing over the cooker bareable, and then after that we went into the village as there was an event on with a small band and some teenagers throwing a diablos on the floor.

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