Day Seven – Sunday Blues

It’s often said that ‘good things come to those who wait’. With it being a Sunday, waiting for Monday was our only option, as shops and buses we shut for the day. Luckily the thought of driving away towards the Pyrenées was alluring enough to give us the strength to wait out one more day.

With not many options, we decided to head back to the boring coast line to top up our tans and catch up on a bit more reading.

The travel gods are clearly not on our side however, as within an hour dark clouds had surrounded us, and in the distance we could see heavy rain blowing in. It wasn’t long before we were making our way back to the van to seek shelter.

With sunbathing out of the question, we resorted to a day of drinking. So we headed off down the road to the local supermarket, desperate to get there as soon as possible in case it closed early. We had every reason to worry about early closing times, as it turned out it had closed 2 hours before we got there. So that left us with the prospect of being on holiday with no sun, food or drink. Who’s idea was it to buy this forsaken van again???

Luckily, there was a pizza parlour that would open at 7pm, so we could at least eat a proper meal that evening.

Heading back to the van defeated, we spent the rest of the afternoon reading our books in the car park waiting for the pizza place to open.

We settled on a smoked salmon pizza, with olives and dill. Fortunately, the pizza parlour also sold beer. Things were finally looking up for us.

We settled down for bed, slightly worried that we would be unable to source the clutch cable in the morning and so would have another day in the town called boring.

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