Destination Unknown…

We got up this morning to black skies that shortly turned into rain. Lee went to buy some croissants while I tidied and checked if the part had been dispatched. It hadn’t.

So when Lee got back we phoned Highway Imports, VW dub specialists in La Rochelle. Turns out he doensn’t speak English, so I’m sitting there with google translate trying to correctly pronounce ‘clutch cable’, I get there in the end and yes, it’s in stock!! Hallelujah!! I thought it might be a good idea to take the old one off and take it just in case, and while I’m lying under the van in the rain the English couple come over and offer us a lift, perfect! They drop us off outside, refuse petrol money and wish us luck. Small world, they’re from Wolverhampton and one of them’s a teacher.

The guy in the shop has the part and I have never been so happy to see a cable before. We then decided to walk to the direct bus rather than faff with the other buses and fairly soon we’re back.

Cable is soon fitted and adjusted. We go and say goodbye to the ostrich farm owner and then we head off, Bordeaux way. I’ve had enough rain. Ruby needs a minor cable adjustment after a few minutes but apart from that she drives beautifully. All the way here.

I guess she’s back in my good books. I can’t decide whether to be pissed off that she broke down on Friday afternoon, or happy that she did it somewhere we could actually get the part rather than a remote vineyard…

Tomorrow is the Pyrenees!

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