Lac de Montbel

So we arrived here in the evening and decided to pitch up in the campsite as it was only €13 for the night and it gave us a chance to stock up on water and access to showers. The alternative would have been the carpark and to be fair the campsite is quite nice.

Not much to talk about today as it was designated ‘lazy day’ as we are both a bit stiff from yesterday. It was very busy down the beach last night when we arrived so we arrived fairly early to get a spot, although turns out to be quieter today.

It’s not really for a beach here, although I think it does the other end, so we pitch up on the grass by the waters edge. After the first swim it turns out that it’s not sandy but mud, the kind of very squishy between your toes mud that upsets me slightly. Still, once your in the waters lovely.

The obligatory ‘I’m getting a tan’ picture.

We read our books, has a few swims and relaxed! Discovering that if you got into the water further down it was pebbles not squishy mud.

Towards the end of the afternoon we headed back to the van for showers. We were going to move the van down to the free car park, but in the end couldn’t be bothered and decided to pay for two nights. Turns out the campsite owners daughter lives in Walsall!

We had been woken up last night by a group of people armed with an accordion and what I can only assume to be a large amount of drugs as they persistently played, very badly until 4am. If I had known who I would have enjoyed waking them up this morning, but we only had our suspicions. Today there is someone in a very beat up van who nearly had a fight with and English couple who were in ‘his spot’. Here’s hoping he doesn’t also possess some other random instrument. There are a few characters around here. Chap lying on the grass clutching a speaker to his chest and jerking along to very loud trance music as the rest of us enjoy the sunset.

In the evening we headed down to the creperie I had been eyeing up last night. I enjoyed my cream, pear and chocolate crepe and Lee did this for reasons unknown.

We saw the sunset on the way there… minus trance music at this point.

Tomorrow = TBC. Potential walk depending on our legs!

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