To Saint Andiol!

This has been one of our only fixed plans in this holiday. We went to the American festival here last year and had a great night. The very friendly barman gave us free chips all night and then free wine too at the end. We didn’t know if he’d be there, but thought it would be cool to turn up in Ruby.

We thought we’d aim to get there about 4pm which meant we could spend the morning on the beach. Which was a very nice beach.

Back to the night though and our quiet car park.

Considering the events of the day it took me a while to drop off and we were then awoken in the middle of the night by a car that pulled up close to us. Some lads got out and were walking around the van. It’s always a bit weird when you have a car pull up next to you at night. First you think they’re going to come and tell you to move, then you think they might just want to steal stuff. We were both sleeping naked with the sliding door open as it’s pretty hot, so you feel pretty vulnerable! We went for the pretending we were asleep while peak out the windows. They collected a tent and blow up bed that was stashed down behind a small wall which we had parked next to and then after a while they left. Bit odd but ok. They then preceded to return an hour or so later. And then again. It was probably about 5am by then. Then someone in the house next to the car park gets up and starts watering his garden and I give up on sleep altogether. We needed to empty the wee bottle that morning and I’ll leave it to your imagination where we put it.

So after a few hours on the beach and a nice swim we headed for Saint Andiol. Ruby behaved a bit better although in this temperature we can’t go very fast for long periods of time and we definitely opted to stay off toll roads. Arriving at the event we parked in the car park and headed to the bar. The same guy was working!

If you zoom in, he’s the one in a blue t-shirt.

We didn’t think he remember us but he did straight away and then the bloke standing next to me turned around and said “Are you the people who drank 6 litres of wine last year?” Clearly we made an impression. So we got some free drinks and free chips all night! They also filled our water container for us and spoke to the organiser and we were allowed to park in the park next to all the bikes. They have a Harley Davidson club here. Ruby got a lot of attention and we spoke to a lot of friendly people. We bought some very expensive sauce and then got relentlessly asked if we tried it yet all night. Apparently the poor bloke didn’t sell anything else.

I didn’t manage all night though, Lee bundled me into the van for a nap towards the end of the evening as I was falling asleep on the table. After about 3 hours I woke up and emerged where Lee was sitting with the two singers. Soon everyone left and I went back to sleep. Proper sleep!!

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